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Acid Proof Brick Lining

Acid Proof Bricks Lining & Flooring System Widely Adopted across the Globe to stop Corrosion among st major industrial projects. Sumit’s Acid & Alkali Resistance Bricks are available in general size of

  • 230mm x 144mm x 38mm thickness
  • 230mm x 114mm x 75mm thickness

For large size Reaction Vessels, RCC tanks & Chimneys, Lagoons, Sulphur melting pits, galvanizing & Pickling Tanks we recommend 75mm thick Acid Resistance Bricks application and installation.

For Chemical process floor, Medium size of Vessels, Tanks, Towers & Pits We Recommend 38mm thick Acid Proof Bricks application and installation.

These Acid Proof Brick are Bedded & Jointed with our different Acid Resistance Cements & Resin Base Mortar. The Selection of Acid Resistance Cements being used in Acid Proofing application are based on the chemical conditions, temperature 7pH value of each Acid, Alkali or solvents used in respective Industrial Plants.