product description

Concrete and ordinary redbrick masonry with cement plastered surface are basic methods for construction of floors, foundations, tanks, sumps manholes etc. These can be attacked by corrosive environment, spillage’s of acids and Alkalis and other chemicals handled in modern chemical industries. To protect civil structure of plants and buildings from corrosive attack, acid resisting brick lining is most communally used method. Mastic compound is used as an inter-liner with acid resisting brick lining. It can also applied as open mastic flooring for heavy-duty flooring.

Area of Application

Mastic compound is mainly used as an impermeable inter-liner with acid resisting brick/tile lining on floors, tanks, drains, sumps. It can also apply, as open mastic flooring where diluted chemicals are to be handled and traffic is not very high.

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity
2 - 2.5
Softening Point
130 - 140’ C’
Recommended Temp. Limit
60’ C’
Shelf Life

Method of Application

Mastic compound application consist of two coats of A.R.Primer primer and followed by Mastic compound in recommended thickness, ranging from min. 12mm to 25mm in one or two layers to achieve desired thickness without any pin hole and crack.

1). Surface preparation and application of A.R.Primer: Refer application method of A.R.Primer.      

2). After doing necessary surface preparation and application of primer coating, area to be installed with Mastic compound should be divided in to equal no. bays. To maintain even thickness required, place wooden or aluminum batten. Mastic compound is then broken in small pieces and put it in heating pan. While heating, keep material moving to avoid burning. It is heated until it comes in a uniform consistency and then applied on the surface and works it with wooden float, to achieve uniform thickness and smooth surface free from any pinholes.

chemical Resistance Properties

Mastic compound has good resistance to weak, diluted acids, alkalis salts etc. It is not recommended to use against strong acids, oxidizing acid solvents, oil and fats.

Storage & Packing

Keep Mastic compound away from direct sunlight, heat solvents etc. Under this condition, its shelf life is unlimited. It is supplied in cake form and approx. wt. is 10 kg.

Health & Safety

Handle melted Mastic compound compound very carefully . Avoid contact with skin. It is advisable to wear protective wears at the time of use of Mastic compound and all other our products. This information, given in good faith, is based on results gained from experience and tests. However, all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control.

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