product description

Industrial Asphalt based Anti-corrosive Primer is available in Black colour. It is Suitable to All type of surface i.e Concrete, Steel or Wood. And best protection against Atmospheric Corrosive environment.

To Protect substrate against corrosive attack, it is recommended to apply two coats of our Anti-Corrosive Bituman Primer followed by further finish coats, screed lining or bricks – Tiles – Mandana Stone Flooring work.

Acid Resisting Bituman PRIMER having Two Year Self-Life, it can be Stored Under Covered Shed & at Ambient Temperature for Long time*. It is most suitable to protect different type of sub-striate against atmospheric corrosion and chemical corrosion.

Area of Application

A. R. Primer can be applied on variety of sub-striate like steel, concrete, wood. To Protect Steel Structure : Tanks, Pipes, Girders, Marine structure either exteriors or interiors. Acid Resisting PRIMER is very widely Used on Concrete surface as a Primer where further Acid Resisting Bricks – Tiles or Mandan Stone Linging / Flooring works are Recommended.

Physical Properties

Viscosity @ 25 C by Ford cup B4 in Sec.
Drying time @ 25 C.
1 Hour
Bonding to Steel / Concrete/ceramic / MS
Shelf Life (in sealed container only)
2 Years
Full Trying (27’ C’)
8 Hours

Method of Application

Concrete should be sound, properly cured for min. 28 days, damp free, even in line, free from any loose cement mortar and any loose particles, before application of A. R. Primer and any type of further acid resisting brick/tile lining installation.


1. The material in the container should be properly mixed before application.
2. A. R. Primer can be applied with good quality of painting brush in a uniform thickness. Consumption of material will depends on surface condition and absorption of the concrete. Two coats recommended for best performance. Allow 2-3 hrs. Drying time between each coat.
3. On MS surface, sand blasting is recommended for good bonding with sub-striate, follow by two coats of  A. R. Primer  anti-corrosive primer.

Storage & shelf Life

Acid Resisting Bitumen Primer should be stored in properly sealed containers away from direct sun light, heat and flame. Reseal container after use.


25 Lts. / 35 Ltr. And 200 Lts.
Good Quality M. S. Container.

Health & Safety

It is advisable to wear protective wears at the time of use of A. R. Primer and all other our products. In case of contact with eyes, clean with plenty of water and consult a doctor. This information, given in good faith, is based on results gained from experience and tests. However, all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control.

We are specialized in Industrial Acid Proof lining and Materials.

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