Looking for an easy to use calculator to determine the volume of your rectangular chemical storage tank? Look no further! Our calculator is designed to be simple and straightforward, allowing you to get the information you need quickly. 

To use our calculator, simply input the length, width, and height of your tank. Once you have those dimensions, click on the calculate button and our calculator will do the rest!


With Sumit’s tank volume calculator, you can easily estimate the volume of your tank. Choose between different tank shapes: from standard rectangular and cylindrical tanks. Just enter the dimensions of your tank, and this tool will calculate the total tank volume for you. You may also provide the fill height, which will be used to find the filled volume. Do you wonder how it does it? Scroll down, and you’ll find all the data needed – the volume of a tank, elliptical tank, or the widely-used cone bottom tanks (sometimes called conical tanks), as well as many more!

No more guessing the amount of chemicals you need to store!

Not sure how to take measurements of your tank? No problem! Check out our handy guide below:

How to Measure Your Tank:

Let’s have a look at a simple example:
1. Decide on the shape. Let’s assume that we want to find the volume of a vertical tank – choose that option from the drop-down list. The schematic picture of the tank will appear below; make sure it’s the one you want!
2. Enter the tank dimensions. In our case, we need to type in the length and diameter for vertical tank.
3. Decide the top. In our case, we need to type of top open or close.
4. Decide on the top shape. In our case, we need to type of top conical or flat.
5. Decide the bottom. In our case, we need to type of bottom flat or conical.
6. Fill up orientation details. We need Manhole Dimension, Nozzle set up (Like for Air Vent, Inlet , Outlet ,Extra ) and Level Indicator (like Floating Type or Tube Type ) for easily build.
7. Click on download PDF. In our case, we need details of clients for generate PDF Reports.
8. The Sumit’s tank builder Report will open in PDF Format .

Click on the below button to start using Calculator now.